Working with the Artboard communications agency will initiate key changes in any project. With us, new ideas, conceptual transformations and socio-technological phenomena emerge. We have completed a myriad of successful communication campaigns for major clients on the market. In spite of this, the depth and the spark of your personal vision matters is much more important to us. No challenge is too small for us, as far as this is concerned. We are a board of artists, technical pioneers and modernists in the original sense of the word. We pursue the aspect of functionality, but at the same time, even the smallest contract reflects the need for cultivating aesthetics. We define ourselves as technical assistants who can facilitate your growth. We believe in the power of innovation across all disciplines, in cultural customization, as well as the interpersonal kindness of civil communication. Our experience and insight in the fields of design, development and strategy are how we create outstanding products in both conventional and digital environments.

Jana Bílková